Open Synth Platform

Imagine having all the sounds you ever dreamed of in the palm of your hand.

Open Synth Platform

Imagine having all the sounds you ever dreamed of in the palm of your hand.


Zynthian is a new class of musical device. A powerful multitimbral synthesizer and audio processor, capable of managing up to 16 audio chains simultaneously. Also, it's a MIDI processor and router, equipped with standard MIDI ports, USB, WIFI & wired networks. It features:

  • Accurate Emulations of Classic Instruments: Grand piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, pipe organ, Hammond organ, combo organ, Minimoog, DX-7, Oberheim OB-X, JX-10...
  • Amazing Virtual Analog Synthesizers: ZynAddSubFX, Helm, NoizeMaker, Surge, AMSynth, SynthV1, PadthV1, ...
  • SoundFont support: SF2, SF3, SFZ and GIG formats are supported. A >4GB collection of soundfonts is included.
  • Lots of Effects: Reverb, delay, echo, chorus, distortion, EQ, compressor, wahwah, flanger, phaser, granulator, vocoder, auto-tune...
  • MIDI filters & tools: Map, chorder, arpeggiator, LFO, sequencer, quantization, split, velocity map, ...
  • Step Sequencer: A powerful step sequencer is integrated, allowing to use the unit as a standalone groovebox or to drive external synthesizers.
  • Live Looping Sampler: It integrates the Sooper Looper engine, capable of immediate loop recording, overdubbing, multiplying, reversing and much more.
  • MOD-UI & Pure Data
  • Audio & MIDI recorder/player: Easy audio & MIDI recording. Multi-track audio recording is supported too.

You can use it for live performing, studio production or as a tool for sound discovering and exploration.

Zynthian is a community-driven project and it's 100% open source. Free software on Open hardware. Completely configurable and fully hackable! Free as in Freedom.

An open platform for sound synthesis & processing.


  • Zynthian over a Keayboard

    Keyboard Expander

    Let your fingers play the sound you want.

    Acoustic & electric pianos, organs, vintage synthesizers, virtual analog synthesizers, soundfonts, ...

    MIDI learning is quick & easy, allowing you to manage everything from your MIDI keyboard/controller. [Learn More]

  • Zynthian & Mic

    Effects Unit

    Would you like a custom FX-chain for every song?
    A full-featured looper?

    Sooper Looper, reverbs, echoes, delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, distortions, EQs, compressors, wahs, grains, vocoders, autotune, ...

    The Zynthian UI allows to create simple FX-chains. With MOD-UI you can create the more bizarre pedalboards you ever imagined. [Learn More]

  • Zynthian connected

    Studio / Production

    A powerful tool in a small container

    It's fully multi-timbral and it integrates a step-sequencer designed for live-performing and song composing.
    MIDI learning, MIDI network, MIDI filter & tools, audio & MIDI recorder ...

    Explore sonic landscapes and go beyond the limits with Pure Data generative capabilities. [Learn More]

Build your Zynthian

Zynthian is not available as a finished product. You have to build your own unit. But don't be afraid! It's an easy task that anybody can carry out, and you get a bunch of advantages by doing this way:

  • You can repair your unit. Every single part is available separately.
  • You can customize your unit, adapting it to your needs.
  • You can upgrade your unit, re-using parts, reducing waste and saving money.
  • Moreover, you may learn something interesting in the process.

You can choose between building your device from scratch or buying one of the kits that we offer, adapted to the different skill levels.

V5 Kit

The easy way. Simply plug the wires & tighten the screws.

V5 Main Board

Do it your way! Build your custom zynthian.

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  • Based on Raspberry Pi and Open Hardware
  • Balanced Stereo Audio Input/Output, up to 192 KHz
  • Touchscreen 3.5"
  • 4 x Rotary encoders + Push switches

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  • Based on GNU-Linux and Free Software
  • Real-time audio processing, low latency & jitter
  • Multi-engine / Multitimbral / Multi-layer
  • Remote Control & Web Configuration Tool