Pipe Organ Emulator


Aeolus is a synthesised (i.e. not sampled) pipe organ emulator that should be good enough to make an organist enjoy playing it. It is a software synthesiser optimised for this job, with possibly hundreds of controls for each stop, that enable the user to "voice" his instrument.

Aeolus is a powerful organ emulator builder, allowing to configure the instrument in a very flexible way: manuals, pedals, stops, timbres, temperaments, etc. The default instrument is defined with three manuals and one pedal, but you can model your own organs as you want.

The project is developed by Kokkini Zita and it was first presented at the 2nd LAD conference in Karlsruhe, end of April 2004.

Aeolus is not very CPU-hungry, and should run without problems on a e.g. a 1GHz, 256MB machine.


  • Configurable number of manuals & pedals
  • Configurable stops and timbres
  • Five different temperaments
  • Variable tuning
  • MIDI control
  • Stereo, surround or Ambisonics output
  • Flexible audio controls, including a large church reverb.


Prelude, by C. Franck J.S. Bach, Adagio BWV564, by Matthias Nagorni J.S. Bach, Trisonata, by Matthias Nagorni J.S. Bach, Kommst Du nun, by Bert Visser

more video/audio demos...