Calf Monosynth

Monophonic Synthesizer

Calf Monosynth

Calf Monosynth is a simple monophonic synthesizer with 2 oscillators, multimode filter and an envelope. Designed to maximize flexibility while minimizing the number of controls. Useful for synth basses and leads.

The audio path page provides the user with two oscillators, each with a variety of waveforms: sawtooth, triangle, square, pulse, sine, and several very interesting additional waveforms that offer a lot of sonic potential: DCO maze, DCO saw, Dark Pad, BellFM, Multiwave, Dark FM, Bass, Smooth Brass, skewed square, skewed saw and Varistep. Both oscillators can be modified for pulsewidth. Oscillator One also has stretch and window adjustment, and Oscillator Two can be detuned plus or minus two octaves. The relationship between the two oscillators can be controlled for pitch, amplitude and phase offset.

The filter section includes a 12dB-LowPass, 24-dB-LowPass, a double 12dB-LowPass, a 12-dB-HighPass, a LowPass-plus-Notch, a HighPass-plus-Notch, a 6dB-BandPass and a double 6dB-BandPass. Separate and Key Follow controls are included.

The modulation section provides two LFOs and two envelopes. One envelope can be dedicated to the amplitude by clicking the "to amp" button. Otherwise, both envelopes can control amplitude through the amount of filter cutoff and resonance change over time. Along with the traditional ADSR parameters is a "fade" slider that can give, for example, a second "attack" effect when sustain is set to null. Both filter cutoff and amplitude amounts can be controlled on this page.

The third section is the modulation matrix, where different controls such as key velocity and modulation wheel can be assigned to control various sound parameters, such as the LFOs and resonance.


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