Minimoog Emulator


Raffo Synth is a 4-oscillator subtractive software synthesizer emulator of the classic Minimoog, developed by Julián Palladino and Nicolas Roulet. It runs as an LV2 plug-in and is currently available with some audio-production linux distros.

Monophonic in note input as well as audio output, Raffo Synth's four discretely-activated oscillators are independently detunable in stepped octaves (1-5) and smooth detuning plus or minus one octave. Each oscillator provides for triangle, saw, square and pulse waveform options. A single filter is provided, with cutoff and resonance settings. One ADSR-style envelope for filter and one for amplitude control.

The glide control adjusts key-scaled portamento. Bipolar whole-tone pitchbend MIDI CC control is also provided.


Angry Sweep Quartet Soloist Sonata Flair Sonata Flair Sub

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