Tonewheel Organ Emulator


setBfree is a MIDI-controlled, software synthesizer designed to imitate the sound and properties of the electromechanical organs and sound modification devices that brought world-wide fame to the names and products of Laurens Hammond and Don Leslie.


setBfree is a Tonewheel Organ Construction Kit, a physical model with over 1000 configurable parameters. Like a real B3 one can 'open it' and tweak parameters from mint'53 condition (default) to dusty tube 80's run-down.

By default setBfree expects two manuals (midi channel 1,2) and pedals (midi channel 3). All controls can be dynamically bound to MIDI-CC messages as needed (there are default config files for common keyboards such as the Kurzweil 2500 or Oxygen61 included).

Interaction with the synth is done can be done via mouse/PC-keyboard and MIDI. The communication is bidirectional: GUI updates will be sent as feedback to the MIDI output, incoming MIDI message update the GUI. The GUI lends itself as quick visual feedback in case the midi-keyboard cannot provide it.


A rendition of Jimmy Smith's The Cat


Drawbars Manipulations, by Baggypants Rhodes & Hammond, by Humi

more video/audio demos...