Studio / Production

A powerful tool in a small container

Studio / Production

Zynthian is a tiny but powerful tool for production and fast song-prototyping. It includes more than 30 synth-engines, hundreds of effects and thousands of presets. It's fully multitimbral, being able to manage up to 16 independent layers including synthesizers and MIDI/Audio effects and filters. It supports the LV2-plugin standard, so the list of Synth Engines & Effects is ever growing.

Zynthian UI

It features an integrated Step-Sequencer designed for live-performing and song composing. The pads interface allows to launch and stop sequences easily. The arranger manage linear composing.

Zynthian UI

Super-easy MIDI-learning, rule-based MIDI-filter, Audio & MIDI recorder with overdub, advanced Audio & MIDI routing. PureData & MOD-UI are integrated too.

Zynthian can also be controlled from DAWs and external sequencers. It has standard MIDI-IN/THRU/OUT connectors, 4 USB ports, WIFI and wired networks, supporting MIDI over network (Apple/RTP-MIDI & IP-multicast) and TouchOSC protocols.

Default latency and jitter is low enough for most use-cases, but if you are looking for extra-low latency, audio configuration can be tweaked.

Read the full specifications here.


Zynesthesia, by Kosro Origin, by Daniel Wine The Seas of Mars, by Nicolaz Inneremerald, by Aethermind Everything must flow, by Nicolaz Western Brass Band, by Ivaneo Zynthianic Trance, by JTunes PPG13, by Can Trell The Weight, by BaggyPants Monsieur The Actor, by R.Generalov Vasculab COMPD, by Can Trell

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